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Our teeth are among the body’s most delicate organs. As a result, we must exercise extreme caution and care for our teeth. A child should visit the dentist when they are three, according to several experts. The experienced Ontario dental center in London suggested that people brush their teeth twice daily and go to the Ingersoll dentist once or twice a month.

  • A person may contract several diseases if they brush their teeth improperly. 
  • What serious issues can arise if you don’t brush your teeth properly?

Chipped Tooth 

Although the  Ontario dental center in London agrees that cavities are the most common cause of chipped teeth, several other factors can result in a chipped tooth, such as grinding your teeth or chewing something very hard. The tooth is first weakened by cavities. 

The following are some of the causes of a chipped tooth: 
  • Pressure from teeth grinding; 
  • Habitual biting of hard foods like ice, 
  • Hard candy, or nuts; events that result in a hard blow to the mouth,
  • Such as supporting injuries, 
  • Car accidents, or fights with other people. 
  • Rapid changes in mouth temperature as a result of extreme eating, such as eating a hot stake and drinking ice water to cool down.
  • If the patient is over the age of 50, 

Mouth Reconstruction Ontario Dental Center In London

Mouth reconstruction involves replacing all of the patient’s teeth in the mouth. To improve health, function, and appearance, full mouth reconstructions combine aesthetics with restorative dentistry science. A patient may require mouth restoration due to advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease, among other things. Mouth restorations are performed by our London, Ontario at Ingersoll dentist.

The following are examples of chipped teeth: 

Craze Lines

These are tiny cracks in the tooth enamel. These lines are neither dangerous nor in need of immediate treatment.

Cracked Cusp 

This kind of fracture typically occurs in the tooth filling’s surrounding area. In most cases, it doesn’t hurt the pulp of the teeth, which is part of the teeth that are sensitive and contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. As a result, most people don’t feel much pain in their teeth.

Extended Fracture At The Gum Line

A problem that can still fixed occurs when the vertical crack fracture progresses beyond the gum line. There is a good chance that teeth will extracted from the mouth if the crack reaches the gum line. The best treatment for this condition can be found at Ingersoll Dentists of Ontario dental center

Challenges Of A Chipped Tooth

The most common complication of a chipped tooth could be an infection. 

The following is a list of additional infection symptoms:
  • Bad breath, 
  • Swelling of the gums, 
  • Fever, 
  • Glands in the neck.
The signs of a chipped tooth include:
  • Chewing pain, 
  • Sensitivity to cold or heat, 
  • Frequent pain, 
  • Swelling or infection of the gums, 

and a chipped tooth can be extremely painful and dangerous. There are several ways to fix the problem, but none of them work perfectly. The only solution to this issue is to visit a skilled Ingersoll dentist. Accepting the pain and trying to protect your teeth from inside the mouth to avoid further injury is the best way to treat this issue without visiting a dentist.

The treatment that the skilled dentists at Ontario dental center in London.

Recommended is as follows: 

Filling Bounding. 

The doctor uses a plastic resin to fill the crack in this type of treatment, attempting to restore the tooth’s original appearance and function.

The Crown. 

Also known as a dental cap, is a device made of ceramic or porcelain. Fitting over the injured area is extremely helpful in repairing the damaged tooth.

The procedure of crowning a tooth is performed by the skilled best dentists in Ontario and London.

To make room inside your tooth for the crowning, the dentist first removes the enamel. After that, the doctor needs to take an impression of your teeth and choose a color that perfectly matches them. The impression is then sent to the lab by the doctor for crown preparation. The procedure does not finish in one day. Because the crown takes time to come back from the lab, it might take a week. Some high-tech dental facilities now offer crowns that are available round-the-clock so that they can assist patients right away thanks to recent advancements in technology. 

Root Canal: 

If the tooth crack is large enough, it grows into a pulp. In this instance, an experienced best dentist in Ontario London will recommend removing the pulp and restoring the tooth’s integrity. The procedure is highly recommended if you want to keep your tooth from getting infected or becoming weaker.


According to an experienced Ontario dental center in London, tooth extraction is the only option if the nerves and tooth roots are severely damaged.

If you are unable to treat a chipped tooth at home, experts from Ontario London have recommended self-care. Still, you can take steps to avoid the issue. A cracked tooth is less likely to happen if your teeth are stronger. As a result, do your best to maintain good oral hygiene. A person needs to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and go to the dentist once every six months.

Avoid chewing on hard foods when you are at home. If you are more of a sportsperson, wear a mouthguard. If you have swelling gum problems, apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek and rinse your water with boiled water.


A chipped tooth is a problem that many people face at some point in their lives. There are tens of thousands of options for addressing this issue.

According to Ontario dental center in London’s experienced dentists, a cracked or chipped tooth can never be completely fixed. Nevertheless, several prompt treatment options can alleviate the pain. However, these treatments may cause soreness in your mouth and persistent pain for several days.

Your smile will protected for a longer period by practicing reasonable dental hygiene, such as refraining from chewing on hard foods and wearing a mouth guard while playing cricket or any other sport. 

Ontario Dental Center’s 

The goal is to provide the best dental care in Ontario in a welcoming environment. For our patients to be able to make informed decisions regarding their dental health, we believe that it is essential to inform and communicate with them.

At our London, Ontario, and Ingersoll dental clinics, we try to use less and leave less of an environmental footprint. Fixers, developers, and cleaners examples of photochemical wastes that can eliminated with digital radiography. The dental office has less radiation, which is good for both the patients and the staff.

We are moving to a paperless office and constantly updating and revising our protocols using practice management software.

All of our Ontario patients can unwind in a cozy environment during their appointment at our Ingersoll dentist. Our dental facility is modern and clean, and our staff is warm, welcoming, and personable. Every member of the team goes out of their way to develop lasting relationships with every one of our patients. This helps us make our new patients feel more at ease and allows each dentist to provide more individualized service.

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