Robotic Process Automation (RPA) revolutionized business processes through automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. But, in the process of implementing of RPA testers and developers might encounter errors. One of them can be the Robotic Framework Error Message that can be complicated and difficult to solve. This article we’ll look at the typical Robotic Framework Error Messages and offer solutions to get rid of these messages. Upcoming Technology Q/A with easy blogs, Read more about QA With Aaron Saunders 

Understanding Robotic Framework Error Message

The Robotic Framework is an open-source automation framework that gives you an extensive library for creating and running automated tests. The framework is comprised of a variety of tools and libraries which can be utilized to create and run automated tests. While executing automated tests with the Robotic Framework, testers and developers could encounter different errors.

Robotic Framework Error Messages are displayed when the framework experiences an error in the test execution. The messages are displayed on the console or in the log file. They offer valuable information on the cause of the error as well as its place of origin. It is crucial to comprehend the messages that indicate errors to resolve the problem efficiently.

Common Robotic Framework Error Messages

There are a variety of Robotic Framework Error Messages that developers and testers may come across. Here are a few of the most frequent errors:

1. Library is not located

This error message will be displayed whenever the Robotic Framework cannot find the necessary library. The library may not have been properly installed or the path to the library might be incorrect.

2. Elements not found

The error message displayed is in the event that this Robotic Framework cannot locate the necessary element in the application in testing. The element might not be visible, or it may not appear within the web page.

3. Timeout error

This error message will be displayed whenever it is discovered that the Robotic Framework fails to complete the task within the given time frame. The time limit might be set too low or the job may be taking longer than planned to finish.

4. Assertion error

This error message will be displayed in the event that it is discovered that the Robotic Framework encounters an unexpected result in the test. The result might not be the expected results or the test could be failing.

Troubleshooting Robotic Framework Error Message

After we’ve identified the most common Robotic Framework Error Messages let’s examine some possible solutions to defeat these messages.

1. Library is not available

To get rid of the ‘Library not found error, you must to verify that the necessary library is properly installed and that the route to the library is right. If the library isn’t installed however, the library can be installed by using the following procedure:

PHPCopy codepip installation 

If the library has already been running, confirm the location of the library by using these commands:

PHPCopy codePip Show  

2. The element is not present

To fix the ‘Element not found error, you must to make sure you have the correct element visible in the webpage and visible. There are a few methods to find the element:

  • XPath Utilize your XPath that is associated with the item to find its location on the web page.
  • CSS Selector Make use of CSS Selector: Use the CSS Chooser of an element in order to find that element on the webpage.
  • ID The ID is used to identify the element to find it on the webpage.

3. Timeout error

To fix the problem with the “Timeout error,’ you must to make sure you have a timer that has been properly set. You can raise the limit making use of the commands below.

sqlCopy code timeout | retry interval Keyword 

You could also improve the efficiency of your task by finding the bottleneck and then improving the efficiency of the task.

4. Assertion error

To fix the “Assertion error’, you have to verify that the intended outcome is in line with the actual one. The following strategies to evaluate the results.

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