We are BMW specialists in Al Quoz, Dubai. MetaMechanics  BMW Workshop Dubai, Oil Change, Brake Pad Replacement, BMW Service Center Near Me, car repair service dubai, BMW Diagnosis Service Dubai. BMW Computerized Checkup, ARD Garage Dubai is the best BMW repair and service centre in Al Quoz, Dubai, with a satisfaction guarantee. BMW Maintenance Service Dubai, BMW Repair Expert, We service and repair all BMW models. High-quality automotive services at an affordable price. Dubai BMW engine rebuilding services

Specialist BMW Repairs include both bodywork and mechanical repairs. We are BMW repair specialists.

We understand that having maintenance or repair work done on your car can be inconvenient. So, to ensure that your working day or diary commitments are disrupted as little as possible, our ‘Where Next?’ programme provides you with a variety of convenience options, ensuring that your day remains productive and enjoyable.

A one-time, inflation-proof advance payment ensures both driving pleasure and peace of mind with BMW Service Inclusive. BMW Service Inclusive is intended to provide inspired confidence as well as complete peace of mind.

BMW Service Inclusive is valid for three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first) and covers your vehicle’s servicing needs, as well as MOT Protect, which covers replacements and labour on a long list of key items ranging from electrical and lighting equipment to steering and suspension. Any problems will be resolved quickly and completely free of charge, allowing you to pass your MOT with minimal fuss. Valid until the third MOT of the vehicle.

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