No heat or hot water? Your boiler may not be producing hot water or heat for a variety of reasons, such as faulty diaphragms, airlocks, malfunctioning motorized valves, or low water levels. The problems should be detected, and any damaged components should be replaced, by a skilled boiler specialist. Listed here the most regular problems faced by the users.

1. A frozen condensate pipe.

The condensate line in your boiler transfers wastes gas-generated acidic water from the boiler to an outdoor drain. This pipe may become frozen. The condensate pipe issue may then be indicated by a fault code that your boiler may subsequently display.

2. There is no pilot light.

A faulty thermocouple may block the flow of gas. The pilot light can burn out as a result of this. Additionally, a buildup of residue on the pilot light could make it malfunction.

3. There is a pressure drop.

If your pressure gauge registers below 1, your system might be experiencing a pressure problem. A broken pressure relief valve or a water leak could be to blame for this.

4. There is kettling in the boiler.

You know you have a significant issue with your system when your boiler makes a deep rumbling noise as if it were a huge tea kettle about to boil over. The heat exchanger in the system is typically the culprit because of limescale or sludge buildup. Water flow may be impeded by this. As the water begins to boil, the kettle starts to make a noise.


Although boilers can malfunction at any moment, they typically do so in the winter after a prolonged period of inactivity. At a time of year when a home needs a heating and hot water the most, a breakdown is frequently caused by abrupt pressure on the system’s components.


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