Airbags, USB charging ports, Bluetooth, and a stereo will be standard on the majority of Dubai’s rental cars, in addition to USB charging ports, Bluetooth, and stereo. However, it may lack additional features that enhance the riding experience.

Driving on unfamiliar roads can be very stressful. In addition, if you lack the necessary accessories for safe and comfortable driving, it can increase your stress levels. Here are some must-have rental car accessories to make your driving experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Not all rented vehicles are equipped with GPS. In the absence of a GPS, the phone is used for navigation. If the vehicle lacks a phone mount, it is natural to place the phone in the cupholder, which can be hazardous.

Utilizing a phone mount guarantees that the device is always at eye level. Thus, you can simultaneously keep an eye on the road and the GPS. In addition, a phone mount can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident.


The majority of rental cars will have a USB port for charging various devices. But what if you wish to simultaneously charge multiple devices? A multi-charger is useful in this situation. This multi-device charger can be connected to a cigarette lighter socket and will quickly charge your devices.


A dash camera is a preventative tool that is useful when renting a vehicle. It captures all footage while driving or when the vehicle is parked. The recording from the dashboard camera serves as evidence in the event of an accident. The camera can be easily mounted on either the dashboard or the windscreen. It is not illegal to own a dash camera in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai police recommend that drivers install dash cams to resolve car accident disputes. However, the police also warn against posting any incidents on social media, as this could result in prosecution.


Not all rented vehicles will be in pristine condition. Although rental car companies hoover and clean the vehicle after each use, some odours remain.

To eliminate these odours and add a personal touch, you can utilise an air purifier. These cleaners can mask virtually every odour, including those of food, pets, and cigarettes.


A car tissue paper holder allows the tissue paper to be placed in any convenient location, such as the seatback or centre armrest. Since this tissue paper holder is equipped with a Velcro elastic, it can be stacked without fear of the box falling.


The most difficult aspect of a road trip is trash disposal. Not only does a collapsible car trash can provide this option, but it also helps save space. You can attach the trash can to any convenient location, such as the back of the seat or near an air vent.


Not all rented vehicles are equipped with sunshades to block the glare of the sun. Sunshades are particularly important when you are travelling with small children. Foldable window sunshades can adhere to a vehicle’s window with the hoover holder.


The backseat organiser is especially useful when travelling with children. This organiser can be easily attached to a car seat and contains compartments for storing both small and large items, such as dolls and toy cars. The organiser not only helps to arrange all things properly but also makes them easily traceable.


While on a road trip, you must have the right accessories to ensure optimum safety and comfort. You can also consult our road trip packing suggestions, which will help you save space and travel lighter. Proper planning ensures a comfortable drive and that all the necessities for a safe and enjoyable holiday are within reach.

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