You’re probably wondering why your clothing is fading and deteriorating so quickly by this point. You’re probably missing some common errors as a result of this. To increase the lifespan of your favorite t-shirt, you must carefully handle your washing. So, we decided to draw your attention to the potential threats to important fabrics.

Cleaning Things That Say “Dry Clean Only”.

Reading the labels on your clothing is a crucial first step because different types of clothing require different washing techniques. Up to five symbols that indicate how to care for the fabric should be included on each clothing label, together with information about the fabric’s composition. Some might just hand wash, while others would need separate washing or professional dry cleaning.

Although particular solvents rather than water and detergents are used to clean items with the following laundry symbols, dry cleaning is not entirely a dry process.

  • Circle Sign: Dry cleaning signs
  • Letters: Only use certain solvents
  • Dashes: handling cautiously. The quantity of dashes shows how supple the fabric is.
  • Crossed Circle: Dry cleaning is not recommended for this fabric.

Although some materials, such as cotton, sturdy polyester, and linen, require dry cleaning, you can still wash them as long as you stay away from the following:

  • Mixes: To keep these fragile materials distinct from regular laundry, place them in a mesh bag.
  • Normal detergents: Depend on gentle detergents that gently remove surface-level stains without the use of abrasives or strong enzymes.
  • Normal cycle: Be sure to wash these goods using the gentlest setting.
  • Warm or hot water: Cold water is preferable for delicate and general fabrics because it preserves color and prevents clothing from shrinking.

Wool, velvet, silk, and leather, on the other hand, are some materials that require very specific handling due to their high fragility. You’ll have to rely on a reputable dry cleaner in this situation and let our Washmen experts do it.

Misuse Of Bleach.

Due to its oxidation capabilities, bleach offers good cleaning qualities, but over time, it greatly deteriorates your textiles. Your colored clothing will get yellow and orange stains from bleach, and materials like wool, spandex, mohair, and silk will be seriously harmed.

Unzipping & Buttoning.


The teeth of the zip are said to be the worst enemy of the clothing since they reach out and rip away other textiles, so make sure you zip them before washing.


It’s unlikely that you’d want to attend meetings wearing a blouse without any buttons. Before washing, unbutton all of your shirts because doing so can put more pressure and stress on the buttons, which might cause the stitching to come undone and the buttons to fall out.

Bruising Stain Removal

Rapidly and violently rubbing the spots will simply spread the stain and harm the fabric’s weave. To prevent colour transfer, it is advisable to gently pre-treat your stains as soon as possible. Dab the area with a white cloth from the outside in.

Royal Monarch Laundry Only, Please!

A professional and convenient control of the procedure is required, which may not be possible given your hectic schedule. Wherever in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can easily get in touch with the Royal Monarch Laundry team to get your laundry handled with the utmost care and prompt service.

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