Looking for the best activities in Portugal? Do you want to know what must-see attractions you should include on your Portugal bucket list? Considering which Portugal activities would be best for your vacation? We have the ideal travel guide for you right here. Not to mention Sintra’s fairytale palaces and Portugal’s endless fishing villages and beaches. As you may expect, this Portugal bucket list will be extensive.

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  1. Pastel de Nata 

Going to Belem for a delectable Pastel de Nata is one of the nicest things to do in Portugal. Pastel de Nata is the most famous of Portugal’s beautiful desserts. Travellers come to Belem to try this flaky, tiny custard dessert that is tasty and crispy. The Pastel has a fascinating backstory. The Jeronimos Monastery monks invented this dessert in the 18th century under unusual conditions. A lot of egg yolk would remain after starching their clothes with egg white. The monks decided to use the remaining egg yolks to make custard pies. And thus was born the famed Pastel de Nata! The Pastel is now a superstar in its own right. Every day, thousands of tarts are sold at the same name bakery. And folks are lining up outside to grab their fair share. Pastel de Nata is more than a dessert in Portugal; it’s an emotion!

  1. Alfama

Alfama is one of the most gorgeous and photogenic neighbourhoods in Lisbon. It has a rich history because the Romans lived there. The Moors then inhabited it and named it al-hamma, which means “place of hot water fountains.” Walking through Alfama’s cobblestone alleyways is one of the top activities in Portugal and a must-do on any Portugal visit. So put on a good pair of walking shoes and explore Alfama on your own or with a local tour guide.

  1. Tram Ride in Lisbon

Riding a traditional tram through Lisbon’s tight, twisting alleys should be on everyone’s bucket list. The #28 trams are classic Remodelados versions, and some of them still have hardwood interiors and metal handles from the 1930s. Riding the 28E is like taking a stroll through Lisbon’s past. One quick note: Due to its popularity, Tram #28 can become packed during the day.

  1. Pena Palace in Sintra

The Pena Palace of Sintra is one of the top attractions to see in Portugal. It is a popular fairytale castle in Europe. Pena Palace is rich, colourful, bold, ostentatious, but never uninteresting. The Pena Palace was in 1854 by King Ferdinand II. For many years after that, many ornaments and symbolic pieces were added. The terraces and gardens are highlights of a visit to Pena Palace. Don’t miss the grandiose royal apartments with stunning stucco art. And don’t forget to take some gorgeous photos with the yellow and red walls.

  1. Fado

Fado is a style of music which started in the beginning of 1800s Portuguese! Fado is songs about fate, melancholy, grief, love, and desire. In 2011, UNESCO added this popular musical genre to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. But, you can hear locals singing the sadness songs in any city and most likely in every neighbourhood. Ask any local, and they’ll have something up their sleeve in no time!

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  1. Douro Valley

No other wine tasting will compare to exploring new flavours and testing your knowledge of drinks in Douro Valley! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The finest way to explore Douro Valley is on a Douro Valley tour from Porto that includes wine tasting, a cruise, and lunch. You can also visit Douro Valley on your own by train and tour vineyards in Pinhao. The inhabitants are proud of their world-class wine and long-standing winemaking traditions. As it should be!

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